WonbyOne is Grace Church’s ministry for teens.  Its heart is helping students to understand that the great price for our salvation was paid by Jesus Christ and that we have been won by Him.  We meet on Sunday evenings for fun, fellowship, and Bible study to understand more about what it means to belong to Jesus.

Just because our teens are young doesn’t mean that they can’t understand the word of God.   We dive deep into the Scriptures and learn to apply the principles and lessons God teaches to our lives and to see how every aspect of the life of the believer needs to be seen through the lens of Scripture.  This ministry helps parents to obey the Lord in His command to teach their children the Word of the Lord (Deut 7:7) and to disciple young people in their walks with God.

If you would like more information about the wonbyOne. ministry, please contact Tim Knotts at tpknotts@gmail.com.